June 2016 EDITION

Glenn Head, Cofounder and Dean of Networking University, wrote Plan C: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Network Marketing as a no-nonsense way to help educate people about:

- what network marketing is,
- what it is not,
- who it is for,
- how to choose the right company,
- how to succeed.

Plan C is a unique tool for educating prospective distributors AND for strengthening existing distributors' belief in the profession of network marketing. With over 50 active links, Plan C is the go-to place for accurate information. 




     Glenn Head’s “Plan C, EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Network Marketing” is the perfect book to explain the business structure of network marketing.  Savvy people don’t want to waste their time getting into something flaky and this book defines what network marketing is and what it is not. Thanks Glenn!--  Dr. Gina Honeyman, D.C.



     Having been a network marketer for more than twenty years, I am always searching for the perfect tool to explain exactly what it is I do. Glenn Head has created that tool in Plan C, offering a simple yet detailed description of the profession—not only what it is but also how to be successful in it.


     I buy Plan C for my new business partners and give it to them the minute they enroll. In fact, I have my own customized version of the book to use with my team and prospective partners—and so can you. It includes a foreword I’ve written specifically to meet my objectives, which is to establish myself as a leader in the profession who has assembled a great team. 


     In this short and easy read, Head succinctly explains what network marketing is, and also what it isn’t. For me, it’s important to make this distinction so that people don’t get started with the wrong expectations. Plan C also includes rock-solid statistics; any doubters who read it instantly lose their inclination and ability to argue.


     The appendix is a reference tool I use daily in my business. I recommend Plan C for prospects and aspiring network marketing professionals alike as a powerful call to action.


~ Tom Chenault

The Tom Chenault Show, The Voice of Home-Based Business Radio Since 1999



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